near, bye

from by C N U S



facing oneself with these surroundings
and rejecting this architecture
as if gray slabs were malleable
as if molding liths felt feasible
i visited the links
but the game lasted split seconds
i did splits between the platform and the speeding metro
i cheated death to learn the gains are unnatural
i used breadth
to learn how suffering feels
i stayed out til six to know that the links are sealed
with an empty hit counter
shook to all the hits
then took a cold shower

having held hands with invisible power
i wrote my last plea down
and took a cold shower

did the splits
with 'stay in touch'
was excited to see every 'crush'
fell on my weak knee
into seeking distance lush
and affordable

time can only consume
never produce
i want this feeling to be reduced
i want to hear death's four-letter name roll off its own tongue
i want a shield from a sun

so used to used hope
so used to using touch
it's been two hours and i've slept too much
it's been two hours and i've said too much
just give me a reason
to live with 'rejection'
i know inverse circles draw my preferred methods
but i hope my visa
is never accepted


from empathy, please, released November 3, 2015



all rights reserved


C N U S Fredericton, New Brunswick

a collaborative effort between fredericton, nb artists cedric noel and union suit

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